3 Point Shooting Workout

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3 Pt Shooting Drill

Dino Guadio Wake Forest Drill Series 5
Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+


I’m back with a basketball three point shooting drill from the former Wake Forest Head Coach, Dino Gaudio. I love providing these types of basketball drills because this is what the college players use to perfect their game and become unstoppable from 3.

The most important thing that I focus on in any basketball drill that I provide are the fundamentals. This drill is called the “Three Chair” 3 point shooting drill. The purpose of this three point shooting drill is to work on shooting mechanics under pressure. It is important to be able to shoot the basketball quick! Do not sacrifice your quick shooting release without going through your shooting fundamentals.

My advice is the same here – for young players, I would shoot 2s and not 3s. For older players, I would challenge yourself to shoot 2s and then perform this drill again by shooting 3s. The Wake Forest record is 18 made shots in 1 minute, can you beat that? If you are shooting 2s, try to make 36 in 1 minute. You have to be quick in getting to your spots. If you can’t get to 18 or 36, set a goal for yourself and keep working towards that goal.

Here is a recap of the 4 week series, Dino Gaudio’s Drill Series #1 was “25 in Two” Three Point Shooting Drill. Drill Series #2 was “Sideline Lateral Slides” – Layup Drill and Drill Series #4 was a Three Point Shooting Game.

I would love to hear from players who perform this 3 point shooting drill! Let me know what you learn. Coaches – make sure players are getting to the chairs quickly so your player can take the next shot! Last but not least, players don’t sacrifice fundamentals, start low on each shot, and have your hands ready! Enjoy!

3 Point Shooting Drill

“Three Chair” Three Point Shooting Drill



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