Basketball Shooting Drill

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College Basketball Shooting Drill

Dino Guadio Wake Forest Drill Series 4
Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+


It has been a few weeks since I have provided a drill from the former Wake Forest Head Coach, Dino Gaudio but now I present to you a basketball shooting drill. The purpose of this basketball shooting drill is to give players the opportunity to be consistent with their shooting. In addition to this drill, a good friend of mine by the name of Augie Johnston created a scoring academy to help you not only become a better shooter, but a better all around scorer.

For young players, I would shoot 2s and not 3s. For older players, I would challenge you to time yourself shooting 2s and do the same for 3 pointers. The Wake Forest record is 40 seconds, can you beat that? I know you want to beat the Wake Forest record, but don’t sacrifice your fundamentals to shoot the basketball quicker.

Learn how to shoot quicker by viewing the Dip Rhythm Video. Here is a recap of the 3 week series, Dino Gaudio’s Drill Series #1 was “25 in Two” Three Point Shooting Drill. Drill Series #2 was “Sideline Lateral Slides” – Layup Drill and Drill Series #4 was a Three Point Shooting Game. Enjoy!

basketball shooting drill



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