BASIC Basketball FUNDAMENTAL Drills that will improve your game

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The greatest lesson a basketball player can learn, is utilizing basketball drills and fundamentals to increase basketball IQ and skills.

Basketball players work on their fundamentals with basketball drills.

The elite basketball players at the college and professional level, have a firm grasp on these fundamentals, and even then, coaches throughout the world continue to stress the importance of basketball fundamentals and IQ.

Basketball’s fundamentals should be your TOP priority when first starting out.

Basic basketball fundamentals such as free throw shooting, lay ups, dribbling with both hands, the cross over dribble, passing, and one-on-one defense are some of the necessary skills to become a better basketball player.

These skills aren’t subject to a specific offensive philosophy or defensive approach. These basketball skills will apply to every team someone plays on, and every coach someone will ever play for.

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Fundamental mastery applies from youth basketball to the best teams in semi-pro, to European, and the NBA.

Elite basketball skills start as fundamental building blocks that are practiced repeatedly, to the point of exhaustion, because as with any sport, a player gets out of it what he or she puts into it.

The more time spent working on the basic fundamentals of the game through basketball drills, the greater chance of long-term success that basketball player will encounter because of the game they bring to the court every time they play.

Whether the team is run and gun or 3-man weaving it’s a way to success, without having sound fundamental basketball skills, a basketball player is simply going through the motions and will be exposed on the floor sooner rather than later. Don’t be that type of basketball player!

basic fundamental basketball drills
It is imperative that basketball players spend a TON of time on their basketball skills and fundamentals through elite and basic basketball drills.

How do players get better at shooting the basketball?

Very good basketball players shoot, and shoot, and shoot until they feel like their arms are going to fall off.


A basketball player may be forced to put up 30 shots in a game due to his or her overall skill-set and the makeup of the team, and that player needs to be just as sharp by shot 30 as they were with the first shot.

Muscle memory and repetition keeps that player fundamentally sound no matter what the game’s situation may be.

Being able to keep the feet aligned shoulder width apart, the proper L-shape (in, not out) in the shooting arm, the proper rotation on the basketball, and the follow through are all things that ingrains within the player who has spent the time working on those basic basketball skills to where they are second nature in executing.

I wouldn’t leave the gym until my arms were soar. If I didn’t feel any exhaustion in my arms from shooting the basketball, one I wasn’t working hard enough and two, I need to take more shots.

I was definitely a gym rat! I loved practicing and using all types of basketball drills, whether they were:

As long as they pushed me out of my comfort zone, I knew I was improving!

Shooting the basketball is just one example of a fundamental skill that each player should dedicate themselves to perfecting when on the court.

Other necessary basic basketball drills players should focus on include:

BASIC Basketball Drills

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