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I also want to provide inspirational basketball content to motivate young basketball players to be the best basketball player that they can be.

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Height: 5’9″
Weight: 165 lbs.
Position: Point Guard
Hometown: Maiden, NC

Lamar Hull’s Basketball Career Highlight Reel

Basketball Career

Learning the meaning of perseverance in basketball started with me watching Pete “Pistol Pete” Maravich and his tireless work-ethic.

I also became well aware of Steve Nashand his meteoric rise to the top of the NBA ranks after coming from very humble beginnings and attending a small school. I learned how to do a variety of youth basketball drills, and I performed them tirelessly in the driveway of my grandparents’ three-bedroom home.

I became interested in playing in a youth basketball program, so I and a few local friends took the initiative to form an AAU basketball team. With the help of one of the other kid’s parent, I was able to play against some good basketball talent across the region. The basketball talent level in the AAU arena really motivated me to become a better basketball player.

By the time I arrived to middle school, I was playing and practicing basketball outside EVERY single day, even when brief thunderstorms swept through the South. I became known for being an incredibly persistent and resilient person with a passionate love for the game of basketball in my local neighborhood.

I don’t know where this passion started. To me, it was the love of competition and enhancing my basketball skills and knowledge, which was something I could somewhat control. This was also a product of my environment, humble beginnings, and wanting more in life. 

Do You Want To IMPROVE Your Basketball Skills with Tips & Drills?

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Basketball coaches were happy to have me on their basketball team, and the local high school basketball coaches were well aware of my talents before I even began my freshman year.

I was invited to play on the varsity basketball team as a freshman, and I soon became known throughout the city as one of the area’s rising basketball stars. My performance in the classroom was every bit as impressive as my performance on the basketball court.

Grades were first, and my grandparents had instilled a hard work ethic and the importance of education in me at a young age. Everybody realized that I was both smart and talented.

What intrigued me more than anything in school was reading. I read all types of novels, textbooks, articles, and etc. 

Essentially, I came from a background where I had very little money and resources, but the fact that I grew up being told I wasn’t good enough by my peers actually proved to be a powerful motivating force for me to want much more in life.

I was dominant on the basketball court throughout my four years in high school, but my small town high school did not show up on the radar for many colleges.

I wasn’t discouraged, I took the initiative to write to colleges and send them letters demonstrating my basketball individual and team skills, but only Division II and Division III schools showed interest, likely as a result of my 5’9″ height.

No excuses, even with all that passion, work ethic, and commitment to working on my game, maybe I didn’t work hard enough? 

Reality is, you may work on your game 2 – 3 hours a day, but what if there is a kid same age, working 4 hours on his game? 

I ended up attending Davidson College, a Division I-AA school, where I walked-on and made the team. I was an integral part of a very talented squad, got the opportunity to play with a current NBA star, Stephen Curry.

I got the chance to play Stephen Curry one-on-one and I beat him 10 to 7. I knew I would never win another one-on-one match against him, so I never played him again. Ha-ha!

For laughs and giggles, I still let him know until this day that I beat him one-on-one when he was a rookie. Now Curry plays for the Golden State Warriors, check out this basketball article that I wrote for Hoop Skills on why Stephen Curry is an elite shooter.

Even at a smaller height, I wanted to become an elite point guard, but even as a point guard you have to be able to shoot. At Davidson, I consistently improved my game by way of my hard work ethic and utilizing my personal and college-learned youth basketball drills.

Through this gained knowledge, I was able to write a book about my story and provide a Monday-Friday basketball workout for kids who has the same passion and dream to be a really good basketball player. 

All of my hard work, belief in myself and tireless efforts paid off when I was offered a contract to play basketball overseas, which I happily accepted. I received a one year contract to play in Kings Lynn, England.

Simply put, I believe my story can be an inspirational to a kid that is in a similar situation, loves the game, works hard and realizes greatness is upon All of us if we put the time, commitment, and trust in our abilities. I’m very thankful to be able to tell my story and for God having his hand in my success the ENTIRE time!

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