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Kevin Durant Dunking

Why Speed is Important in Basketball

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I have the pleasure to introduce Jason of Workout HQ, who wrote a great article for Inspirational Basketball on why speed is important in basketball. Without further ado, enjoy… What if your lack of success in basketball isn’t due to a lack of basic skills like shooting, dribbling, or passing, but due to a lack of

increase basketball vertical

How to Increase Your Vertical In Basketball

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I have the pleasure to introduce Blake Ventura of EZ Compression, who wrote a great article for Inspirational Basketball on how to increase your vertical in basketball. Without further ado, enjoy… Every baller wants to dunk. It’s just a fact of life. Not everyone will be able to dunk a basketball, but an improved vertical

charlotte sports camps

Best Charlotte, NC Sports Summer Camps

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I have the pleasure to introduce a good friend of mine and contributor of this article, Brendan Winters. Brendan played basketball at Davidson College from 2002-06 where he was named All-Conference, Player of the Year, and an All-American. After college, Brendan played professionally overseas in France, Germany, Hungary, and Greece from 2006-2011. Brendan Co-Founded Pro

pressure from basketball crowd

How to Overcome Fear Before & During a Basketball Game

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How Not to Play Basketball Scared Everyone gets nervous or anxious before engaging in one thing or the other. Even those who are very good at what they do, can experience fear. It is natural for humans to feel this way! Occasionally, I would have this overwhelming nauseous feeling before playing in front of a crowd,

european players in nba

What Does More European Players in the NBA Mean?

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Is there anything our youth basketball programs can take a way from the increased number of international players in the NBA? The 2016 NBA Draft was a record-breaking event for international players. This means that all or almost every team in the NBA has at least one European player on its bench. According to several sources, there were 124

davidson wildcats in the pros

How to Walk-On a College Basketball Team

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6 Steps to Surviving College Basketball Walk-On Tryouts Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+ How do I know? Because I actually did it.  I successfully walked-on to a division 1 basketball program and earned a professional contract overseas! All I ever wanted to do was play Division 1 Basketball. At first I didn’t care where, I

choosing right aau team

Choosing the Right AAU Basketball Travel Team

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4 Tips to Increase your Basketball Exposure by Choosing the Right AAU Team Let’s face it, local high school basketball is pure mediocrity, even if you are on Varsity. The competition is light-years away from being remotely close to the collegiate level, unless you play for a premier high school basketball program where your opponents can

how to be a leader in basketball

How to Be a Leader in Basketball

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Point Guard Tips: Be a Leader and Coach on the Court   The starting Point Guard at the youth, high school and college level of basketball has the most important role on the team. On average the PG is the smallest player, but what he lacks in height he makes up with a high basketball

basketball plyometrics

Basketball Plyometric Workout for Nasty Hops

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 Written By: Lamar Hull @ Google+ Plyometric Box Workouts For Basketball Do you want some nasty hops so you can dunk? Well, let me show you how if you put a little bit of effort and follow this simple week by week plyometric basketball box workout. First, let’s discuss the benefits of plyometrics! Many basketball coaches, trainers,