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Basketball Plyometric Workout for Nasty Hops

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 Written By: Lamar Hull @ Google+ Plyometric Box Workouts For Basketball Do you want some nasty hops so you can dunk? Well, let me show you how if you put a little bit of effort and follow this simple week by week plyometric basketball box workout. First, let’s discuss the benefits of plyometrics! Many basketball coaches, trainers,

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Stephen Curry Pete Maravich Infographic

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Stephen Curry Compared to Pistol Pete Maravich  Written By: Lamar Hull @ Google+ There is no doubt that Stephen Curry is a NBA Legend in the Making. He is already considered one of the top 5 NBA point guards ever and will eventually be considered one of the best NBA players as he continues to

charles barkley basketball analytics

Advanced Basketball Analytics Formulas to Help You Win

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Can Basketball Analytics Help You Win?   There has been a lot of controversy around basketball analytics and as a coach, if you can adjust your team’s play based on basketball statistics, could make a difference in the outcome of your team’s performance. It is interesting when the same people, such as; Charles Barkley declare

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Charlotte AAU Basketball

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The Top AAU Basketball Teams in Charlotte NC Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+     Introducing the plucky, Top 12 AAU basketball teams in Charlotte, North Carolina! Some of these AAU basketball teams and organizations have been around Charlotte for quite some time and on the contrary, a few are new. AAU is right around the

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How to Standout as a Small Basketball Player

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Heart Over Height: Why Small Stature Shouldn’t Limit Your Basketball Potential Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+ It is certainly no secret that in the game of basketball, height is seen as a primary factor in determining a player’s talent level. The odds of becoming a NBA player favors a taller player versus a shorter

basketball team chemistry

How to Build Team Chemistry in Basketball

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quick guide on Building Team Chemistry in basketball Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+ As a basketball coach, maintaining basketball team chemistry is more crucial than the X’s and O’s of your team’s success throughout the season. Considering the fact that seasons are long and each player will at some point experience their own ups and downs, ensuring

basketball jammed finger

How to Treat a Jammed Finger from Basketball

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Tips on How to Treat a basketball Jammed Finger Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+ Have you ever jammed your finger playing basketball? Of course you have, this is a very common injury! A lot of people will tell you to suck it up, but this nagging injury can affect how you play basketball if not

attack the basket off the dribble

Attack the Basket off the Dribble

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How to Attack the Basket off the dribble Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+ Last week we looked at attacking the basket off the pass. This week we are going to focus on how to attack the basket off the dribble. Attacking the basket off the dribble is the most common way for any player to

attacking off the dribble

How to Attack the Basket

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Learn How to Attack the Basket off the pass Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+ Attacking the basket off the pass can be a sure way to keep your defender on his or her heels! Being 5’9” and always playing amongst the trees, I had to perfect my quickness and footwork so that I could

rome wasnt built in one day

Stephen Curry makes 77 3 pointers in a Row

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Curry’s 77 threes Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+ I know that Stephen Curry’s 77 3 pointers is an old topic, but he will never be forgotten for what he did in practice and what he continues to do on the court. I was inspired yesterday by Eric Thomas, “The Hip Hop Preacher” and thought I should