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The Top AAU Basketball Teams in Charlotte NC

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+



Introducing the plucky, Top 12 AAU basketball teams in Charlotte, North Carolina! Some of these AAU basketball teams and organizations have been around Charlotte for quite some time and on the contrary, a few are new. AAU is right around the corner, so I thought I would make it easier for your AAU team seekers here in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

The Amateur Athletic Union was formed in 1888 and has become a foundation for organized, non-profit youth basketball. It has facilitated and encouraged a love of basketball among young men (and women from the 1970s) through friendly competition and a sense of belonging to a team.

Throughout the years, AAU as a whole and it’s branch of AAU basketball teams all across the country, has experienced the highs of championship play and the lows of a ton of criticism.

In 2015, NBA star Kobe Bryant deeply criticized the AAU youth basketball program for not understanding the fundamentals of the game and treating young basketball players like cash-cows, despite its non-profit status.

Sports teams create an environment for absolute stardom, success, and life skills that can help a young person succeed in life. In Charlotte, North Carolina, there are 12 AAU basketball teams and organizations that aspire to grow young athletes of today in to great people of tomorrow through a sense of trust, teamwork, education, and a feel for family.

Don’t get me wrong, AAU in general isn’t perfect. I actually wrote two articles about AAU basketball; Pros and cons of AAU and should your child play AAU or YBOA. You should check these articles out before reading further if you are serious about letting your child play AAU basketball. It will broaden your perspective on your decision!

Without further ado, here are the top 12 AAU teams in Charlotte NC and why!

The Top AAU basketball programs in Charlotte are:

pro skills basketball#1 Pro Skills Basketball

It was started in 2009 by Brendan Winters and Logan Kosmalski. Although it is a fairly new AAU program, it is locking horns with the older AAU programs in terms of goals and objectives. 

Pro Skills Basketball has a vision of making our youth players, parents, and coaches believe again that through youth sports, they can become something more through sharing a passion with others. Pro Skills Basketball offers camps, clinics, AAU teams, training, and much more.

Contact Information

Email: Contact Form

Phone: 1-866-996-3888 OR 704-557-0115


team united basketball charlotte#2 Team United

Team United was initially known as Celtic United. However in 2009, its name was changed to Team United. Team United’s AAU basketball program has 10+ years of accolades that you can check out here.

The primary vision of this AAU program is to assist our youth in the development of their basketball skills with a view to enable them to secure a college degree. In 2011, they found a home with Nike and entered the Elite Youth Basketball League.

Contact Information


Phone: 704-301-3306 OR 704-713-9241


charlotte nets#3 Charlotte Nets

The Charlotte Nets was formerly known as the Charlotte Sonics and is known as one of the most successful AAU basketball programs in North Carolina. It was founded during the 1980’s by Ed Sockwell, Dwight Wessler, and Olin Broadway who believed that organized sports should be a place for both girls and boys. Therefore, they created Charlotte’s first ever AAU basketball program that welcomed both genders.

The Charlotte Nets basketball organization focuses on developing the skills of young players, helping them to excel on and off the court, and training them to become good citizens!

Contact Information

Email: Contact Form

Phone: 704-953-6513


team charlotte basketball#4 Team Charlotte Basketball

Team Charlotte’s AAU basketball program started in 2010 but has already become an elite grassroot AAU program. Founded by NBA star Jeff McInnis and sponsored by Under Armour, they now operate a basketball program for both genders. 

Team Charlotte AAU’s primary vision is to help our youth that are interested in basketball to develop their basketball talent and become house hold names in the future. Team Charlotte offers camps, workouts, and much more!

Contact Information

Email: Contact Form

Phone: 704-241-5349


charlotte rivals#5 Charlotte Rivals

The Charlotte Rivals was founded in 2010. Although they are fairly new, they are becoming a force to be reckoned with by local standards. 

It is important to note the letters that make up the word “RIVALS” have their respective meanings and was formed to serve the people of Charlotte and provide a better life experience for our youth and prepare them for a brighter future.

The words are: Respect, Integrity, Value, Achievement, Leadership and Sacrifice.

The Charlotte Rivals AAU program offers young basketball players the opportunity to develop their skills through skill development training.

Contact Information

Email: Contact Form


charlotte jets#6 Charlotte Jets

The Charlotte Jets was founded in the year 2011 with the primary aim of giving youth players the opportunity and platform to play basketball in an environment that is safe and encouraging. 

Amongst others, it also has a vision of developing the spirit of teamwork, discipline, moral values, and leadership qualities of our youth! Among the children under its umbrella the Charlotte Jets’ goal is to help them realize their dreams. Its AAU teams range from 4th to 10th grade. The Charlotte Jets provides 1-on-1 and group training sessions!

Contact Information


Phone: 704-533-5146


charlotte dragons#7 Charlotte Dragons

The Charlotte Dragons have been developing over the past couple of years and are an affiliate of BPBI, which host basketball camps, known as “Camp Nixon”, by the former LA Lakers point guard, Norm Nixon. Charlotte Dragons was founded in 2012 and aims at rebuilding our youths morals.

While its AAU teams range from players under the age of 10 to those under the age of seventeen years old, it has a vision of giving the lives of our youth a meaning through its AAU basketball program. 

Contact Information


Phone: 704-555-5555


carolinahornets#8 The Carolina Hornets

The Carolina Hornets is an AAU program that encourages our youth (boys and girls) to empower themselves through athletics and academics.

Travel basketball is offered by Carolina Hornets to boys and girls within the ages of 9 to 17 years old and its AAU teams expand from a 7th grade to 12th grade roster.

Carolina Hornets believe participation in youth basketball will nurture the development of our youth’s personal skills through teamwork. The Carolina Hornets strives to build physical fitness, self-esteem, personal commitment, perseverance, sportsmanship, teamwork, and emotional stability.

Contact Information



charlotte storm#9 Charlotte Storm

The Charlotte Storm has the mission of providing platforms for young people with varying abilities to develop themselves in all ramifications.

It was founded in 2004 by Clarence Mclean, Willie Jefferson, Tony Brown and since then, it has produced players who have gone to play at the collegiate level.

The Charlotte Storm AAU basketball program offers clinics, training sessions, and camps.

Contact Information


Phone: 980-428-6648


ea prep stars#10 EA Prep Stars

The founder of this Charlotte AAU program was Aaron Alexander in 2005 who he is also the director. EA Prep Stars’ AAU teams age range from players under the age of 8 to those under the age of 17 years old. 

The program’s vision is to develop our youth by helping them enhance their God given talents to make them more self-reliant in the future. EA Prep Stars have a list of players who have earned a college scholarship. EA Prep Stars offers personal training!

Contact Information

Email: Contact Form

Phone: 336-575-6541


queen city athletic association aau#11 The QCAA (Queen City Athletic Association) Basketball

The QCAA (Queen City Athletic Association) AAU basketball program is focused on achieving success with our youth on and off the court. The AAU program has succeeded in winning five national championships since 2009.

Its director is Coach Edward Addie, a man who is not just famous for his coaching skills and expertise but also for his place in the history of this organization. QCAA also offers personal training.

Contact Information



metrolina havoc basketball club#12 The Metrolina Havoc Basketball Club

The Metrolina Havoc Charlotte basketball program was started by Terence McMurray who has a wealth of coaching experience.

Metrolina Havoc Basketball Club was formed to cater the needs of players of various skills, build their confidence, so that they can compete at a higher level without any form of intimidation. 

Ever since the bad perception of AAU, there has never being an organization that places more emphasis on team basketball than Metrolina Havoc.

Contact Information


Phone: 704-737-6228



It is through these AAU basketball teams in Charlotte that the reputation for AAU basketball will continue to improve and get better. Through access to equipment, gym facilities, sponsorship opportunities, great programs, staff, coaches, and the great support given to these AAU programs by alumni, families will continue to harvest a fantastic crop of great young talent.

Its up to our coaches to focus on the basketball fundamentals when teaching our youth and not afraid of being a mentor to them when they are in need.

Lastly, It us up to us, the loyal sports fans, to continue to have faith and participate in these young athlete’s lives. When we go to games and cheer for our players and teams in a positive way, it will encourage our youth long-term and have an ever lasting impact on their lives.

Again, here are the top 12 AAU basketball teams in Charlotte NC, and what an impact they have made in our communities! Let’s continue to help out these AAU programs by being supportive and encouraging our young heroes!



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7 Responses to “Charlotte AAU Basketball”

  1. Shalonda Edwards

    My son is 6’3″ 15 years old and he said he wants to go to the nba but i need help on keeping him focused trained skills physically qnd emotionally what can i do

    • Lamar Hull

      Shalonda, thanks for the comment. Making it to the NBA is one of those dreams that many kids have and a few kids separate themselves through hard work everyday, working on the right skill set to improve their game, focusing on their academics, and getting exposure in AAU, camps, etc. If your son dreams of making it to the NBA, you shouldn’t have to keep him focused. He should have that focused mentality. It takes consistent effort and the desire to be great. Do you feel like that is what he wants? Has he been super locked in to his dream? Making it to the NBA is not easy and millions of kids fail trying, but trying is key with full force, effort, desire, passion, some luck, right mentor, and hard work.

  2. Shawn Hall

    I would love to see Charlotte Flames added to this list. Young organization that started out in 2013, grew to 4 teams now and coaching staff includes Charleata Neal. Neal played in the Final Four and helped lead the Cavaliers to three (3) ACC Championships as a standout guard at the University of Virginia. Neal played as a true freshman alongside Hall of Fame inductee, three time Olympic gold medalist and current South Carolina Head Coach Dawn Staley.

    • Lamar Hull

      Shawn – thanks for the information! Please send me some information via email ( about Charlotte Flames.

  3. James Ramirez

    I would also love to see were the Charlotte Royals rank on your list. To my knowledge they are the oldest and winningest program in Charlotte. Coach Rod Millikan is a tremendous leader and mentor of young men.

  4. AJ

    What is the criteria for being a “top” team? I coach AAU for a team and not saying we should be on the list, as I believe we have some work to do, but I know of some teams that obliterated two or three of the teams on the list in tournaments.They also did well on the USBA and NTBA circut and performed well in Nationals. So it made me curious to know what the criteria for being a “top” team is. Thanks

    • Lamar Hull

      Thanks for your comment! This is an article that reflects AAU teams that have been pretty solid youth basketball organizations for the Charlotte area. It isn’t about how bad a team gets beat, it is about the organization. It can always be updated, so if you have an AAU program that should be on this list, let me know and we look in to it. Thanks!


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