Outlet Passing Basketball Drill

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Rebounding Outlet Passing Break Drill

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+



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  • The player that rebounds the basketball must sprint the length of the floor and try to beat the dribbler down the court
  • Beginners: after one rep, stop and set up for the next rep
  • Advanced players: go down the court, don’t stop, come back down the court before you set up for the next rep
  • The player who is the outlet, call for the ball (yell – “O-U-T-L-E-T”), and have your hands ready. Be vocal!
  • The player that is rebounding the basketball, attack the rebound with both hands!
  • The post player that is posted up on the block at the other end of the court, sit down, have both hands ready to receive the pass, make a strong move (work on your hook and other move variations in the post), and then score. 
  • If there is a coach or someone else to help, play defense on the post, when he/she gets to the other block.
  • Guards – work on making hard and accurate passes (ex. bounce pass, over the head pass, side one arm bounce pass, etc.)
  • Get conditioned – post players should out sprint the dribbler!
  • It should only take the ball-handler 3-4 dribbles to get to the other wing (push the ball out, beat the defense)

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  • The post player starts inside the lane, right in front of the basket, while the guard starts at the free-throw line extended (wing area).
  • The post player that’s positioned in the lane tosses the basketball off the backboard and rebounds the basketball at its highest point (don’t bring it down).
  • The post player keeps the basketball above his/her head and makes an outlet pass to the player at the free-throw line extended.
  • Once the guard receives the pass, quickly dribble the basketball down the sideline to the other end of the court.
  • The post player who made the outlet pass sprints down the middle of the floor to the ball-side post (block)
  • The guard who received the outlet pass, dribbles down the court, and makes a pass to the post player who is posted up on the block.
  • The post player scores the basket
  • Other iterations of the drill:
  • 1. Guard passes the basketball to the post, the post passes it back to the guard, the post player re-posts deeper on the block and then scores.
  • 2. Guard passes the basketball to the post, the post immediately passes it back and the guard shots a 3 or one dribble pull-up.

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