Superman Basketball Drill

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Superman basketball rebounding Drill

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+



superman basketball rebounding drill







Superman Basketball Drill


  • Become the rebounder/player that goes and gets the basketball and not wait for the basketball to come to you
  • The player should always rebound the basketball at its highest point with 2 hands
  • The player should keep the ball high and protected (keep elbows out by chinning the basketball)
  • Another player or coach can be used in this superman basketball drill to throw the basketball off the backboard to other block to change the rebounders timing and anticipation
  • Another player or coach can stand on the other block, after the player throws the basketball off the backboard and then rebounds, the coach/player can use a pad or add resistance to help the player to rebound, keep their balance and score in traffic.
  • Try to rebound the basketball outside of the block, this will push you to go and get the rebound

superman basketball rebounding drill










  • Player stands on the block with a basketball
  • The player throws the basketball off the backboard to the opposite block
  • The player attacks the rebound on the opposite block
  • The player lands after the rebound, keeps the ball protected (elbows out), and then throws it off the backboard to grab the rebound on the other block
  • Reps: 3 x 5
  • On the 5th rebound, the player explodes up to the basket and scores the lay-up. This will help to increase your jumping ability. Instead of scoring a layup, dunk it!



Superman Basketball Drill Video Instruction


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