2015 Basketball Expert Infographic for the Top Basketball Drills

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10 Basketball Experts Reveal the Best Basketball Drills

 Written By: Lamar Hull @ Google+

The goal of Inspirational Basketball is to be the best basketball resource for players, parents, coaches, and basketball fans across the world. Typically, Inspirational Basketball provides its own advice through unique basketball content. However, this time around, Inspirational Basketball asked 10 basketball experts to reveal their favorite basketball drill. Each year the goal is to have 10 different basketball experts to provide their favorite basketball drills, so that young players can see what basketball drills they should be using to improve their game. To become a better basketball player, we have to teach fundamentals, be creative when teaching, and foster a fun-tough love environment!

I would like to thank the following for contributing to the 2015 Basketball Expert Infographic for the Top Basketball Drills – Augie Johnston of Baller Boot Camp, Alan Stein of Stronger Team, Blake Boehringer of Accelerate Basketball, Bryan Burrell of New Age Elite Sports, Mihai Raducanu of No Limit Performance, Drew Hanlen of Pure Sweat Basketball, Brendan Winters of Pro Skills Basketball, Tony Watson II of Pro Training Basketball, and James Gels of Coach’s Clipboard.

I hope you are ready to see what the basketball experts are saying about the top basketball drills in 2015…



Basketball Drills Infographic



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I’m super excited about presenting these basketball drills because I know someone can use them and someone needs them! If you are interested in providing your basketball drill suggestion next year, email me at inspirationalbasketball20@gmail.com. If people are sharing this visual asset and it is a hit, we may be able to create another one a lot sooner, so don’t forget to share the infographic or embeding it on your website.

Thanks again to all of those who participated in the first year’s top basketball drills expert infographic!

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2015 Basketball Expert Infographic for the Top Basketball Drills by

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