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Stephen Curry statistics


Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+


Yes, he was born a winner. Take a look at the Stephen Curry Statistics Infographic produced by Inspirational Basketball. Stephen Curry stats below are amazing. Dell Curry is his dad and he was exposed to basketball greatness at a young age, but there are a lot of successful sport’s figures who have kids and those kids do not turn out to be better athletes.

There is an exception with Stephen Curry, at the end of his basketball career, we will all look back and say he was much more skilled than Dell Curry and had a better NBA career. Do you agree?

What’s really interesting about Stephen Curry is that he was told by Virginia Tech that they would like him to walk-on on the team and basically prove himself. He wasn’t a well-known star in high school, but had some solid numbers (see below). It shocks me that this kid was passed up and then he becomes one of the best college players in the nation.

Davidson College got a steal and Virginia Tech is looking back asking themselves what were they thinking after Dell Curry was an exceptional player for their basketball program. Check out Stephen Curry’s college stats and you will see why Virginia Tech made a mistake.

A scrawny kid raised in Charlotte, NC made his dream a reality by working hard and becoming a fundamentally sound player. He is literally unguardable right now! Let’s check out Stephen Curry’s career stats so far and follow his journey to the NBA!

stephen curry statistics

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