Star Basketball Layup Drill

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Father’s Day Basketball Lay up Drill

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+


basketball layup drill








  • Happy Father’s Day: Dads if you have a child who loves basketball, get out there and do this basketball layup drill with them.
  • A layup in basketball is one of the easiest techniques to get wrong, so here are some lay up tips to help your young player to become a strong finisher at the rim.
  • Time each player which will force them to work on their quickness, footwork, speed, and finishing at the rim.
  • Slap the ball as you are going up for the layup and jump off the right foot (left foot = right hand layup and right foot = left hand layup)
  • Keep your head up after making each layup
  • Sprint as hard as you can through the layup drill
  • If you miss a layup, focus on making the next one, don’t get down on yourself because you can do the drill again
  • This layup drill would be the start of your basketball workout, so you have to keep a positive attitude throughout the entire workout
  • Work on your fundamentals when performing this drill even during the pressure of doing it against time
  • My fastest and most skilled 5th grader was able to complete this lay up drill in 21 seconds. When you beat that time, continue to try to improve on your skill.
  • You will make a star in your sprints

basketball lay up drill










  • Player starts under the rim, the Dad can position himself with the basketball, but out of the players way (still inside of the arc)
  • When the Dad says go, his son or daughter sprints to either cone near the baseline, the player goes around the cone and sprints towards the basket, the Dad makes a bounce pass to his child for the layup
  • The player sprints to the opposite cone and goes around it, receives another bounce pass for a layup
  • The player sprints to the closest cone near the wing, goes around it, receives the bounce pass, and then makes the layup
  • The player goes around the opposite cone on the other wing, makes the layup, and then sprints to the cone at the top of the wing, to make his/her final layup
  • Other variations of this drill – Rebounding, jump shots, floater, and etc.



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