Basketball Shooting Games

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Three Point Shooting Game

Dino Guadio Wake Forest Drill Series 3


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If you have been following the former Wake Forest Head Coach, Dino Gaudio’s Drill Series for the past 2 weeks, you have noticed that the drills are challenging and they should be. These drills are also fun and involve some conditioning. If you teach these drills to your young players, make sure you teach the fundamentals. That is most important! Dino Gaudio’s Drill Series #1 was “25 in Two” Three Point Shooting Drill. Drill Series #2 was “Sideline Lateral Slides” – Layup Drill. The three point shooting game has 2 players competing against each other. I wouldn’t have more than 3 players participating in this basketball shooting game. The coach should encourage each player to focus and compete, so they can make each other better. Enjoy!

basketball shooting games

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