How to Shoot a Basketball Quicker

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Shooting the Basketball with a Quick Release

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+

how to shoot a basketball quick

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As we all know, basketball is a highly competitive sport that requires all passionate players to develop their ball handling and shooting techniques so that they can have an edge over their opponents. While basketball is largely a team game that allows gifted individual players to stand out, the ability to shoot is one of those skills that can set a player a part. Just ask Stephen Curry! He isn’t the biggest, quickest or most talented player, but because he works hard and can knock down jump shots consistently, he is considered one of the best players in the NBA today!

So, it is important to understand how to improve your shot in the development of your personal game. And, the ability to shoot before the defender is in good defensive position is one of those skills that can be greatly improved with diligence and good practice drills. However, the process of learning to shoot the basketball quicker during the flow of the game is different for each basketball position, whether it is at guard, forward, or center. This post should be helpful for any player not matter what position you play. Each position has opportunities throughout the game to shoot the basketball with control a lot quicker. This keeps the defense off balance.


Guards are typically put into two categories, you have your point guards and then you have your shooting guards. Most teams normally use two guards, but a three-guard lineup is not uncommon. The point guard begins the offense and distributes the basketball primarily. However, point guards still shoot frequently and need to be able to shoot quickly in many instances. The first component of improving your shot quickness is being in shooting position before the ball arrives. Therefore, if you are a guard and you are receiving a pass, your hands should be out and ready to catch the pass, so that you can quickly go in to your shooting motion. Hold your hands in obvious sight of the passer right in front of your chest.

Often termed as the shot pocket, this target will help the passer find you and will put you in a position to move as quickly as possible when the ball arrives. Showing the shot pocket also discourages a bounce pass, which requires unnecessary movement to catch and shoot, such as bending over. Your knees should be bent so that you can use your legs as momentum to quickly shoot the basketball. Guards play facing the basket and can observe ball movement from the outside. When it is apparent that the ball is coming to you, you should have your knees bent and hands ready, next square yourself toward the rim. To get the ball off quick, do not spin the ball for a better feel of the seams. Extend the arms while shooting and shoot just before the top of the jump.

Up Rhythm is also important when shooting the basketball with a quicker release! Dip rhythm is not good for shooting the basketball quicker. The Dip rhythm is when a player catches the ball, dips it down towards their knees, and then brings the basketball up for the shot! This allows the defender to react and distract your shot. The Up Rhythm is when you catch the ball in your shooting pocket and then go straight up for the jump shot. Check out this video to learn how to perform the Up Rhythm shooting motion.

How to Shoot the Basketball Quicker Video


Forwards are part of the front court offensive alignment. Many times they play both facing the basket or with their back to the basket. Forwards are categorized as either being a “power” forward or a “small” forward. Actually, the small forward is essentially a swing guard and functions often as both an inside and outside player, meaning the crease in the defense will often require the small forward to shoot from either position. Power forwards play mostly in a post position, or will post up closer to the basket and facing away. Improving shot quickness requires the small forward to learn how to shoot quicker off of the dribble if they catch the pass in a post position stance with their back to the basket. It is important for the forwards to know before catching the ball what move will be necessary to get the ball into shooting position. Hook shots may be the quickest and safest way to shoot down low, as forwards do not always extend their arms in the same manner as a jump shooter. Any move involving a dribble drive, even if it is backing a player down to the goal, should also include eliminating all wasted movement. This is usually done by the power forward or center. Do not dribble the ball unless it is absolutely necessary to get in shooting position. Be consistent each time you go through this move because it maintains proper mechanics in the shooting process. Wasted movement means a slower shot and gives the defender an advantage.


The center is typically the biggest player on the team and plays almost exclusively with their back to the basket. This means that any shot from the center other than putting back a rebound will require expertise in turning and shooting. Centers often catch the ball much closer to the basket, which is termed as being “on the block.” Centers should never dribble the ball when it is received down low, and should hold the shooting hand high when calling for the inside pass. Catching the ball high and turning in one fluid motion without dribbling is the key for shot quickness in the low post. This is accomplished by repetitive practice, making the move automatic and consistent. Just like the other players, be ready and in position to turn and shoot as soon as the ball arrives. And once again, avoid unproductive and unnecessary dribbling in the post. Just turn and shoot immediately in one fluid motion.


I hope the information provided in this post helps you become a better and quicker shooter and scoring threat! Please comment if you find this helpful or would like more information on shooting a basketball quicker. Use these tips and become a deadly shooter by practicing! It takes hours of practice to perfect the fundamentals of shooting the basketball with a quicker release. Some players are forced to shoot quicker because they are smaller and are playing against taller, longer and quicker players. Therefore, you can’t expect to have much room to get your shot off! How are you becoming a quicker basketball shooter? If this post was helpful in your shooting technique, please share with others! Thanks for reading!

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  1. basketbalschoenen

    This is quite informative. The secret to be a instant shooter, you need not have any pause or delay between the different phases.

    • Lamar Hull

      Thanks for reading! You are absolutely right! There needs to be fluid motion throughout the shooting process. Especially if you would like to have a quick release.


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