Three Cone Basketball Drill

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Defensive Cone Basketball Drill

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+


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The three cone basketball drill is a great all around basketball drill that will help you improve your defensive speed, quickness, and agility. It also improves your reaction to different offensive attacks. If you push yourself hard in this drill, you’ll become every coach’s dream!



  • The three cone defensive reaction basketball drill will help you become a better defensive player by learning specific defensive tips against several offensive attacks.
  • Force yourself to play the hardest defense you can in 30 seconds
  • Coaches – if your player isn’t giving you 100% effort in this drill make them go again!
  • Anytime the player is under the basket, he/she should be chopping their feet. By chopping their feet this helps them react quicker!
  • The defensive player should be in a defensive stance and stay low in his/her movement
  • It’s important to have quick feet so that you can beat the offense to certain spots on the court
  • When taking a charge, fall down and get up as quick as possible
  • When cutting a defender off with the baseline, step on the baseline, so that they can’t go around you 
  • When closing out, closeout low with a good base and high hand, touch the player before sprinting back under the rim


three cone basketball defensive drill










  • Setup 3 cones, one outside of each block and one at the top of the key
  • You will need 4 players before you start this drill
  • One player is positioned at the cone at the top of the key, the other at the cone near the block, another at the opposite cone near the block, and then a defensive player under the basket.
  • Each offensive players positioned near the cones need one basketball
  • The player at the top of the key is known as red
  • The player at one of the cones near the block will be known as blue
  • The other player at the opposite cone will be known as black
  • The defensive player starts under the rim chopping his/her feet and is actively listening for their coach’s voice
  • The offensive player known as black will attack the baseline, the defensive player has to react, beat the offensive player to the baseline, and take a charge!
  • The player needs to jump up, sprint back under the rim and continue to chop his/her feet
  • The coach will call red, which will signal the defensive player to closeout to the player at the top of the key
  • The player sprints back under the rim, the coach calls blue and the defensive player cuts off the other offensive player by using the baseline
  • The player sprints back under the rim and the coach continues to call what ever color he/she decides
  • Perform this drill for 30 seconds!
  • Rotate each player and have them play all positions



Three Cone Reaction Defensive Drill Video Tutorial


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