Closeout and box-out Basketball Drill

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1-on-1 closeout, box-out, & rebounding drill

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+


closeout and boxout basketball drill








  • The defense should closeout with a high hand and stay low on the closeout
  • The offensive player should be in a ready to shoot position with hands ready to receive the pass (shooter should work on his quick release)
  • As soon as the shot goes up, the defensive player needs to find the offensive player and box out
  • After the boxout, the defensive player should immediately attack the rebound and try to catch the ball at its highest point (chin the basketball after the rebound)
  • The offensive player should try as hard as he can to try and get the rebound
  • If the offensive player gets the rebound, the defensive player should do 5-10 pushups
  • This one-on-one drill can become a competitive basketball game by rewarding the defense for properly boxing out and then grabbing the rebound¬†
  • Playing one-on-one is super important for player development
  • The first player to 5 boxouts and rebounds wins!
  • This will force players to closeout hard to distract the shooter from making shots
  • Players should alternate from defense to offense after each possession¬†
1-on-1 closeout boxout basketball instructions

1-on-1 closeout boxout basketball instructions











  • The offensive player stands at the top of the key or free throw line while the defensive player stands underneath the basket with the basketball
  • The defensive player passes the basketball to the offensive player
  • The offensive player shoots the basketball as soon as he/she receives it and then follows his/her shot
  • The defensive player immediately sprints to the offensive player using a good close-out technique
  • The defensive player must turn and box-out the shooter, and then get the rebound
  • Advanced Players:¬†Add a shot fake and two dribbles to the drill. The defensive player needs to closeout and then beat the player to a spot, boxout and then grab the rebound



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