Free Throw Shooting Drill

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Plus Minus Free Throw Shooting Drill

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+


free throw shooting drill








  • Perform the plus minus free throw shooting drill at the end of practice so that you can put yourself in a pressured situation
  • Performing the shooting drill at the end of practice will ensure that you are tired
  • This will help you put a high level of focus on every free throw attempt
  • This drill will help you shoot free throws at a high percentage especially when they count the most (under pressure)
  • The goal is to earn 10 points at the free throw line
  • For every missed free throw, you earn a negative point (-1)
  • For every free throw that is made, but hits the rim, you don’t earn any points
  • For every free throw that is made with a swish, you earn 1 point
  • The goal is to encourage perfection at the free throw line, so that you can increase you free throw shooting ability
  • Keep track of how many shots it takes you to get 10 points
  • This is a shooting drill that you could perform every day to track your improvement when shooting free throws
  • If more players are involved, make this a competition, the least amount of shots to 10 points win!
  • The loser could do X amount of push-ups for losing
  • This free throw shooting drill could take some time if you don’t bring your “A” game!
  • Here are some free throw shooting tips that could help you improve in this basketball stat
  • The free throw trainer is also a great basketball training resource to help you improve your free throws
  • Advanced Players: +1 for swishes, -2 for misses, 0 for makes that hit the rim
free throw shooting drill

Plus Minus Free Throw Shooting Drill












  • Take a deep breathe before every free throw
  • Step up to the free throw line
  • Shoot the first free throw, if you swish it, you get 1 point
  • Shoot the second free throw, if you swish it, you get 1 point, so now you have a total of 2 points
  • Shoot the third free throw, if you make it, but hit the rim, you get 0 points
  • Free throws that hit the rim but go in, don’t equate to a point
  • Shoot the fourth free throw, if you miss it, you minus a point from your total. Therefore you would have 1 point (2 points – 1 point = 1 point)
  • Continue this format until you have a total of 10 points



Plus Minus Free Throw Shooting Drill Video Tutorial


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