Basketball Jab Step Shooting Drill

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Jab Step Basketball Workout

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  • When utilizing the jab step in basketball, swing the basketball from your shoulder to knee. So if you are jabbing right with the basketball, swing the ball from your left shoulder to your right knee while jab stepping simultaneously with your right leg.
  • Make sure your jab steps are quick and short
  • Perform the same jab step motion going left.
  • When shooting a floater in this basketball drill, leave your arm up in the air as if you were shooting a follow through.
  • After the jab step, make sure you square up with the rim before shooting the basketball.
jab step shooting drill

Spots for Jab Step Shooting Drill










  • Pick 3 spots on the court, preferably the top of the key and the 2 wings
  • Take a jab step, bring the ball back to your shooting pocket after the jab step, square your body and and feet to the rim and then shoot the basketball
  • Take a jab step, take one dribble to the right and pull up for the jumper
  • Take a jab step, take two dribbles to the right and shoot a layup
  • Take a jab step, take two dribbles to the right and shoot a floater
  • Perform the iterations of this drill going left
  • If you are at a 45-degree angle when taking any of your shots, use the backboard
  • Take 10-20 shots for each individual drill

Note: Start off by getting your rhythm in performing this drill, but you eventually want to be able to go game speed and make 50%+ of your shots when performing each individual drill, going left and right. When shooting layups, slap the ball as hard as you can with your opposite hand, to gain control as you are going up.

Jab steps are a very important fundamental aspect to the game of basketball. They help keep the defense honest. The jab step is like a pump fake, if you sell the defender good enough he will back off of you a little bit. When he does that, square up and knock down the shot.


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