Elbow to Elbow Basketball Drill

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Wing to Wing Basketball Shooting Drill

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+



  • Get the footwork down on this drill
  • Follow the free throw line arc while performing this drill
  • Stay low when running from elbow to elbow
elbow to elbow basketball shooting drill

Elbow to Elbow Basketball Shooting Drill










  • 2 players are needed for this drill
  • Start at the elbow, catch the pass from player 2 and then shoot the basketball
  • Follow the arc right above the free throw line to the other elbow
  • Inside foot should plant first, square your body to the rim as you receive the pass and then shoot
  • Do this same drill from the elbow to the short corner on the left and right side of the basket
  • Perform this drill from 3 spots, which were mentioned above and time yourself at each spot for 3 minutes
  • You should eventually be able to make 75-80% of these shots as you become a better shooter, NBA players are able to make 90-95% of these shots

Note: Your hands should always be ready before shooting the basketball, so that when you receive the pass, you are ready to shoot. Remember to square your body to the rim at each block, feet shoulder width apart before you take your shot. Fundamentals are key here. Try to focus on getting the seams of the basketball all in one direction. Practice foot work, inside foot plants first before you square up to the rim. Leave your follow through up before moving to the other elbow.


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