Does Basketball Camps Really Help Your Child’s Long Term Development?

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What are the Benefits of Your Child Participating in Basketball Camps?



Written By: Lamar Hull @ Inspirational Basketball AND Google+

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St. Mary’s Summer Basketball Camp

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Now, let’s jump right in to the topic of the day.

How important is it for your child to participate in basketball camps?

This should be a no-brainer if your child likes to play basketball, but does basketball camps really help your child’s long term development? There is no doubt that basketball is a team sport. Every player has a unique and important role to play for the team to be successful. For the kids that are fortunate enough to be involved in a basketball camp, they are preparing for other lifelong lessons besides learning how to become better basketball player. So, let me say that again, your child is preparing for OTHER lifelong lessons besides learning how to become a complete basketball player. Let’s take a look at a few of these benefits.

Physical Benefits

Participating in a basketball camp is hard work. I remember at a young age some camps were all day events and I spent most of my time working on the fundamentals and playing a lot of full court basketball. After the end of the camp, I was exhausted but felt that I got better. Basketball is a physically exerting sport. Basketball camps should definitely test your child’s endurance and skill play. Through my experiences, your child can expect to participate at his or her pace; run laps, work on constant fundamental drills, and develop hand-to-eye coordination.

These are great activities for a developing person to be exposed to. The importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are lessons learned that will serve your child well the rest of their life.

Basketball camps allowed me to see comparable talent at my age and created a drive in me to practice on a consistent basis, which resulted in constant exercise throughout my life. Your child will develop a healthier sense of self when they discover they can be good at the sport with continuous practice. The healthy habits they incorporate into their lifestyle will prevent teenage obesity and place them beyond the scope of the negative consequences that go along with obesity; health problems, held in low esteem by peers, and negative self-image. The fact is, I knew I had to eat healthier and be conditioned enough to compete with the best players, basketball camps opened my eyes to a vision of consistent basketball activity and what it takes to be successful.

Mental Benefits

This article, USSC Sports Camp, outlines the 6 attributes every basketball should possess. Living day to day, off the basketball court, adhering to these idioms will serve your child well in every aspect of their life.

The article starts off with the willingness to work hard. This of course, for the most part, is what separates the highly successful from the ones who barely get by in life. It further expands on being powerful, strong, fast, and quick. Accentuating your strengths is clearly a smart way of accomplishing your goals.

Of the six points that this article points out to, I found this one to be the most helpful: “Be smart and understand the system.” While the article is placing this in the context of basketball, it is certainly applicable in all areas of our lives. The ability to look at an experience from all angles and determine the ways to go about bringing an outcome that suits our purposes is a win-win situation.

Choosing to carry yourself humbly and leading by example are also great points the article makes. “Do the little things well, serve others and you will be blessed.” I fully believe in this statement and learned at a young age that if you help others, you help yourself!

Lastly, the article talks about finding the “separators.” This is the combination of the traits that are needed to succeed as a basketball player and just as applicable to one’s ambitions in life.

I just bought this book for one my players that I coach and I think every child who plays any sport, this is a must read book for your child. It helps them think about sports differently through a mental perspective. Your child has to understand the importance of being mentally strong in life and this interactive book will definitely guide them in that direction. Enjoy!

Proskills Basketball Camp
Here are some of my former college teammates who are creating a world-class basketball program, so if you want to see a quick glimpse of what a basketball camp looks like, watch the video!


Yes, I definitely believe basketball camps have long term benefits your child can apply to his or her life. Basketball camps can be expensive and you will want to do a little research in order to determine which one you want your child to attend. The investment now in time, money, and effort will help lay the groundwork for habits that enable your child to obtain goals in their life further on down the line.

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