One Hand Form Shooting Drill

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One Hand Form Basketball Shooting Workout

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+


  • Bend knees when shooting and shot at the top of your release
  • Hold your follow through on every shot
  • Snap that wrist
  • Put seams all in one direction so that you can get backspin on the basketball
  • Eyes are focused on the back of the rim
  • Hold the basketball in your hand with your palm facing up. Rotate your arm in to a shooting motion. Your arm should make a L-shape and your elbow should rub off of your side, forcing it to point inwards.
one arm shooting drill

Spots for one arm form shooting drill










    • Stand 2 feet from the basket
    • Put one hand behind your back
    • Shoot from 3 spots, 1 spot in the front of the rim, 1 spot on the left block, and 1 spot on the right block
    • Make 20 shots before moving to next position
    • Make a total of 100 shots
    • 20 swishes in the front, 20 swishes at each block, 20 bank shots at each block
    • Perform this same drill shooting a normal shot using 2 hands

Note: Take your time on these shots, don’t rush through this drill. Work on your shooting form and mechanics, so that you can perfect the proper shooting fundamentals. Every shot should have the same shooting touch. Try to make nothing but net. You are pretty close to the basket, so you should be able to do this successfully.


Check out my video for proper shooting mechanics with the one arm form shooting drill!


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