Basketball Golf Shooting Drill

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Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+
This basketball shooting drill references golf because some golf courses have 9 holes.


  • Bend knees when shooting and shot at the top of your release
  • Hold your follow through on every shot
  • Snap that wrist
  • Put seams all in one direction so that you can get backspin on the basketball
  • Eyes are focused on the back of the rim
  • Your arm should make a L-shape and your elbow should rub off of your side, forcing it to point inwards.
basketball golf shooting drill

Spots for basketball golf shooting drill










  • Pre-select 9 positions preferably inside the 3-point line
  • Shot from the first position until you have made the shot
  • Once you have made the shot, advance to the next spot
  • Any shots from a 45-degree angle should be banked
  • Stay in your shooting range and if you’re comfortable, attempt 3-pointers
  • Work hard, so that you can complete this circuit with 18 shots or less

Note: This drill helps players become consistent shooters when shooting spot up jumpers. Work on your fundamentals that I teach throughout my blog! I used to do this drill religiously and it helped me become a better spot-up shooter. This drill can be performed with 1 player, but having 2 players is always good. Sometimes it was just me and myself in the gym.

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