Inspirational Basketball Journey

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Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+

cropped-DCball.jpg When it comes to succeeding in sports, there are no shortcuts to the top. Becoming a successful basketball player, for instance, is all about practicing long hours, day and night, 12 months a year. In some cases, this level of dedication and determination will translate into results that shape the path of a young player’s life. Such was the case for me, a small and short kid born in Maiden, North Carolina. Raised by my grandparents, I became savvy to the way the world works at a young age. Without any sports related guidance whatsoever, I was diligent enough to look up basketball drills on the Internet. There I learned about some of the true greats of the game who also made their way to the top by way of hard work while constantly being told they were too short to play basketball or not good enough. I wanted to get an edge up on other basketball players in the area, but also prove my doubters wrong.

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