Spider Dribble Video Tutorial

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Spider Basketball Dribbling DrillĀ 

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+


Watch the Spider Drill, see below for some visual steps

spider dribble
Step 1:
Get in a basketball position by spreading your legs shoulder width a part, bend your back and knees slightly.

Step 2:
Start dribbling the basketball by alternating your hands in the front, do this a few times to get your rhythm.


Step 3:
Do step 2 a few times behind your back.

Step 4:
Start slow and begin dribbling the basketball in the front, alternating hands, then slightly push the ball on the second bounce to the back and pick up the bounce by quickly getting your hands behind your legs and alternating hands while dribbling.

Continue to push the ball back and forth between your legs as you are switching your hands from the front to the back.

Note: Count 1 – 2 (for 2 front bounces, both hands tapping the basketball), 1-2 for the back (both hands tapping the basketball), continue alternating 2 bounces in the front and 2 bounces in the back and that’s how you perform the Spider Dribble!

Step 5:
Continue step 4 until you can pick up your speed and get quicker with your hands, you can become a master at the Spider drill if you continue to work on it. Thanks to continuous attempts, I was able to master this pretty creative dribbling drill.

As a Bonus: Here is an effective ball-handling program that I used to help me handle the basketball like a pro!

Work Hard or Go Home!! – I use to do this drill 30 minutes a day to help increase my eye coordination, ball control and hand quickness. The Spider Dribbling Drill is a great but a challenging drill to learn.


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