Derek Anderson’s Stamina Book

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Beginning or End? – Derek Anderson’s Stamina Book

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Derek Anderson's Stamina Book

Derek Anderson’s Stamina Book

Born July 18, 1974 Derek Anderson would endure more with less than any child should have to. Growing up in the projects in Louisville, Kentucky with no father and a drug addicted mother it was nothing for Derek to sit in a room with no electricity and nothing to eat for days at a time. Derek’s father had left them, his sister had been murdered and he had fathered a son at age 14 and he’d almost been stabbed to death in a fight. Derek doesn’t blame others, he realizes some of his decisions led to his situation. Derek did get a job at a candy store to feed him and his son but soon after that his Uncle George stepped in to help. Derek was able to graduate from Doss High School with a 3.7 GPA and receive a scholarship to the Ohio State University.


Championship Success

Derek transferred to Kentucky University where he won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in 1996. The team coached by Rick Pitino would have 9 future NBA players on the squad. Derek graduated with a degree in Pharmacy and was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the 13th overall pick in the 1997 NBA Draft. Derek had championship success with the Miami Heat in 2006 winning the NBA Championship title. Although none of this came without a price. Derek was plagued by injuries, he played for seven teams, wore four jersey numbers and played three positions in ten years as a professional basketball player.




Giving Back

Derek started the Derek Anderson Foundation which helps battered women and children their slogan “Loyalty in Everything.” He assists the homeless and feeds the needy. He as recently written a book called Stamina and has been promoting it on media outlets like “ESPN First Take” where he stated that athletes are giving back but the media always focuses on the negative.

Derek Anderson on ESPN’s First Take discussing his book “Stamina”

He went on to say that young men need to be taught “yes sir”, “no sir” and “pull their pants up.” Derek says he was able to rise above his surroundings because he never allowed someones opinion of him to become his reality. “If you quit-you can’t win” and “never run out of breath before you win” are two motto’s Derek lives by. Derek also hinted that he has already written a screenplay for his book “Stamina” and it is set to be filmed in Louisville with a cast call in the works.

Derek’s Legacy

Derek says throughout his professional career he always wanted to be effective not famous. Averaging 12 points per game, 3.2 rebounds per game, and 3.4 assist per game he accomplished that. In life, Derek says, “Love and Forgiveness” are the keys to success and he has had the hardest time accomplishing both but has been able realize with choices there are outcomes and consequences and we must be responsible for those choices. Derek has overcame much adversity and wants to concentrate on his “Legacy” as his final performance.

Derek’s Personal Touch

Derek Anderson dunks on Howard

Derek Anderson dunks on Howard

Meeting Derek in person was a humbling experience. I met him through work and was very fortunate to have dinner with him and hear his story in person. His story should be heard by all young kids, athletes, or anyone who inspire to do something positive with their lives. Similar to my story, Derek didn’t have much, but made something out of his life. If you get a chance make sure you read his new book Stamina.

Stay tuned for my video of me playing basketball with Derek Anderson and a few pictures of Derek promoting his new book…

You can now read about my personal Derek Anderson experience on Inspirational Basketball here.

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