2015 NBA Playoffs: Finals Predictions Infographic

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2015 NBA Finals Predictions Infographic

 Written By: Lamar Hull @ Google+

The 2015 NBA Finals series will start on June 4th, 2015. Everyone has their own predictions and think they know which team will be crowned the 2015 NBA Champion. The question is, which team do you think has the best odds of winning it all?

This was a tough decision for me because Stephen Curry is a good friend of mine, but Lebron James is my favorite NBA player! I’m not saying I’m right on my decision, but the 2015 NBA Finals Predictions Infographic represents my choice of which team will win the Larry O’Brien trophy! You can also check out my 2014 NBA Finals prediction with last year’s infographic.

To show my decision, check out the infographic that I created…


2015 nba playoffs finals predictions infographic



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I’m super excited about the 2015 NBA playoffs and finals, which I’m sure you are too. Again, I could be totally wrong on my pick! Vegas has Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors both reaching the NBA Finals. The odds of making it to the NBA finals is another story, but I think Vegas is spot on based on talent, this year’s regular season, star power, and etc.

So, I may be right with the final two, but could I be right with the Cleveland Cavaliers winning it all?

Who do you think is going to win the 2015 NBA Finals?

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