5 Man Weave – Learn how to do the 5 man weave

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5 Man Weave Video & Diagram Demonstration

Written By: Lamar Hull @ Google+


The 5 man weave basketball drill is a great passing drill to get your players to work on their ability to pass to each other, learn spacing and movement, focus on passing up the court versus dribbling, communicating with each other by calling out the players name that they pass it to, finishing layups, transition offense, and more. This 5 man weave demonstration includes a video and diagram.


  • Focus on hard and crisp chest passing (4-6 passes)
  • Have each passer call their teammate’s name
  • Players should keep their spacing so that the weave doesn’t get confusing
  • Left hand lay-ups on the left side, right hand lay-ups on the right side (shouldn’t miss lay-ups)
  • Players have to sprint and be ready for the pass
  • Keep running the drill continuous and don’t let the ball touch the ground (check out the 5 man weave video below)
  • After the pass each player sprints behind two players as the ball is passed up the court
5 man weave

5 man weave diagram

dotted line

dotted line means pass

straight line with arrow

straight line means run

squiggly line with arrow

squiggly line means shoot a layup












  • The ball starts with player 1. Player 1 passes the basketball to player 2 who is to his/her right
  • Player 1 then sprints behind players 3 and 2
  • Player 2 catches the pass from player 1 and then passes to player 4 who is to his/her left and then sprints behind player 5
  • Player 4 passes to player 3 who is to his/her right and then sprints behind player 1
  • Player 3 passes to player 5 who is to his/her left and then sprints behind player 2
  • Player 5 passes ahead to player 1 and then sprints behind player 4
  • Player 1 passes to player 2 for a layup


5 man weave Video

5 man weave video demonstration

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