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Stamina – Inspiring Story of a True Champion

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+

derek anderson stamina book

Derek Anderson and Lamar Hull

I was able to hear Derek Anderson’s personal basketball story live and it gave me the chills. Derek Anderson’s Stamina book is also touching. I thought I had a tough life growing up but it was nothing compared to Derek Anderson’s story. However, I can relate to him in some ways. He lived for a while not knowing how he was going to eat. That has to be scary for a young kid. His mom would leave for days and sometimes not return for weeks, so he had to find food for himself. He would help people carry their groceries to accumulate money to feed himself. Just imagine having to stand in front of a grocery store and practically beg people to assist them, so that they could pay you almost nothing to feed your hunger.

Not just buying food for himself, Anderson had a child at a very young age and had to provide for the two of them. Anderson described sitting with his son, both looking at the candle in the room, praying that it would stay lit while sitting in the dark. Luckily his uncle stepped in and pretty much saved his life and the rest was history. Here are some interesting questions that were asked. Here is what I learned from his Stamina book: Derek, how many friends and family members call you now asking for a favor? All the time. I have people who said they knew me and probably have meet me once, message me on Facebook, and all other extremes, to ask me for some kind of financial assistance. My response is, get to know the real Derek Anderson first. I don’t mind helping people but they have to get to know me first and I have to know that the really want to help themselves.

Derek Anderson basketball

Derek Anderson writes some inspiration to Lamar Hull on his Stamina book

What are some other interesting facts about your life? I never had put any illegal drugs in my body and have never drank alcohol before. Also, I have never drank a coke either. What was it like meeting your mom and dad for the first time after not seeing them for so many years? I had been very successful in my basketball career and it was time to find my mother. She had never seen me play basketball and I wanted to find the woman who helped bring me in to this world. Some local friends back home told me where I could find her. I found her sitting in a hallway of an abandon apartment. I called her by name. She could hardly talk. Eventually, I was able to help her move in to the next chapter of her life and that was rehabilitation. We had our first mother’s day together this past year.

As far as my dad, I was finally able to meet him before he passed away. We did establish a good relationship. How did your experience humble you? I lived a tough life and it helped me to persevere and not give up. God was my guide to keep me fighting forward. Going in to the NBA, I wasn’t that young player spending his money, I was very mature at my age with a son and difficult past. I was able to manage my money. Now, I sometimes consult some of the other NBA players who have money spending issues. My life experiences humbled me indeed and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Derek Anderson’s best advice was never hold a grudge against anyone. You have to forgive and forget. You should never be mad at anyone before you go to sleep. I agree with this 100%! I loss my mother, Lisa Ann Farley, on 2-13-12 to Diabetes. She didn’t know she had it. There were hidden symptoms and signs but she never acted and her life was taken away because of it. My mom was one of my best friends and we hardly ever had any arguments. The last time I talked to my mom was on the phone and we had a misunderstanding. The confrontation could have easily been avoided, I didn’t talk to her for a few days, the day I was about to call her, I received a call from a relative out of nowhere and I will never forget these horrifying words, “She is gone!”.

That day crushed my life and still haunts me til this day. It’s tough for me to talk about this but it is better to get it out rather than holding it in. I LOVE YOU Lisa Ann Farley and you will never be forgotten. Sorry, that I got off topic, but that story was well worth the addition to Derek Anderson’s message. Don’t close your eyes at night mad at someone, it is not worth it.

davidson college senior day

Senior Day at Davidson College with Coach Mckillop and my Mom (left) and Dad (right)

lamar hull tattoo

Tattoo on my arm for my Mom

Read more about Derek Anderson on Inspirational Basketball. Purchase Derek Anderson’s Stamina book here



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  1. James McCleave

    I am proud of you Lamar, always know that I am hear for you. It is such a inspiration to read your words and also to know you personally.

  2. Anease Edwards

    Can’t wait to read the book/this should be a topic to be presented to people of all ages, such an amazing inspirational story that should be shared.

    • Lamar Hull

      You should definitely read. It is a great story and makes you inspire for more in your life. Thanks for the comment!


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