Basketball with Carolina Panthers Steve Smith

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Carolina Panther’s Steve Smith Playing Basketball


Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+

Steve Smith plays basketball as a hobby, obviously because he is a professional football player for the Carolina Panthers. Steve Smith is one of the most dominant and explosive wide receivers in the game. Why I enjoy watching him play football is because he represents the short guys. Take a look at the picture with Steve Smith and I, I’m 5’8′ and he is 5’9′, so he is definitely not very tall. Playing basketball with Steve was fun, I played well and dominated on the offensive end and had got the opportunity to lob the basketball and watch

Lamar Hull and Steve Smith

Lamar Hull and Steve Smith

Steve go get it. It almost looked like Steve was catching a pass over Roman Harper from the Saints. He is truly an amazing athlete. It doesn’t

take the tallest person or biggest body to play a professional sport. Like I advocate in my entire site, you have to work hard and be persistent. You have to have that drive to be in the gym working on your game religiously because if you are not, the next player is.

I’m excited to see Steve play this year and look forward to the Carolina Panthers having a great season!


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