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28 Years Younger – Getting An Affordable Massage in Charlotte

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+

I feel so blessed to have lived to see another birthday. God has truly blessed me and has kept me healthy and I’m very thankful. On my way to church to thank him this morning! I know my mom is hugging me in spirit right now. That will be another story some day on my blog! I’m having a good day so far and had a great weekend. Spent time with my wife while the kids stayed with my grandmother. Today, I can’t wait to spend time with my family on the day I was born 28 years ago. I’m not big on presents anymore, but I did enjoy the presents that my wife bought me for my birthday. Check out this pretty nice watch! She bought it from Burlington Coat Factory and it was pretty inexpensive if you are interesting in buy one.

american exchange watch

American Exchange Watch

I also got a massage for my birthday. One thing I wanted to feel my readers in on was, how to stay young…ok, here it is…get a massage once a month! Yup, that’s it! I make sure that I have Annette, who is a great massage therapist, relax my body and push all the knots that have built up in my muscles because of all the acid and time spent playing basketball. If you are ever in Charlotte, give her a shout. She is the most affordable massage therapist in Charlotte. Not to mention, she does a pretty good job at massaging.


charlotte massage

Tranquility Point Massage Therapy


Tranquility Point Massage Therapy – Charlotte, NC


Thanks for reading and celebrating this day with me!

Lamar Hull


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