Here are some guest articles that I wrote for other sites on the behalf of a cable company that I was writing for. The majority of my articles are about sports. If you would like to me to write an article for your site, contact me at inspirationalbasketball20 @ gmail dot com. If you contact me through Inspirational Basketball, the only thing I ask is that I can link to my blog in the guest post.

Help Your Child Embrace Their Role on The Team –

Encouraging Your Child in Youth Sports –

Challenges of Academics and Sports and the Experiences that Shape your Future Career –

Writing tips for student athletes: Applying athletic principles to your writing –

Successful Careers That Don’t Relate to Your College Degree –

Post-College Advice for the Unemployed –

Youth Sport’s Sponsorships Acquisition – Some Helpful Tips –

Clippers will play in the Western Conference Finals –

The Most Overrated Players in the 2013 NBA Playoffs –

The Biggest Draft Steal in the 2013 NBA Draft: Phillip “Flip” Pressey –

Why Stephen Curry is an Elite Shooter –

Stephen Curry 3 Point Record –

Geno Smith and The NY Jets –

Why The San Antonio Spurs Could Win it All –

Derrick Rose from Anger or Blushing from Shame –

From Minneapolis to LA: The Birth of the Lakers –

NBA Playoffs Update – New York Knicks –

Can the Warriors Really Beat the Spurs –

Jared Sullinger: How Good Can He Be? –

3 Lessons from Lebron to Be Your Own MVP in Your Career –

Are the Grizzlies for Real –

Youth Basketball and the Importance of Earning Good Grades –

Lessons on Sportmanship –

Boxing Out in Basketball is Controversial –

Basketball Tips: Being a Team Leader –

Practicing Basketball with Effort –

On Brian Urlacher’s retirement –

Leadership on the Basketball Court –

Why are the Memphis Grizzlies so Good? –

NFL Great Brian Urlacher Retired from NFL –

Winning Vs. Getting Better in Youth Sports –

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