Figure 8 Dribbling Drill Video

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The Figure 8 Dribbling Drill

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+


Watch the video for my tutorial of the Figure 8 Ball-handling drill, see below for some visual steps

Step 1:
Get in a basketball position by spreading your legs shoulder width a part, bend your back and knees slightly.

Step 2:
Let’s working on the foundation of the figure 8 dribbling drill. Start with your left hand and left leg only. Try to dribble around that leg in a circle with short quick dribbles. It’s okay if you mess up, practice makes perfect. As you get better try counter clockwise and clockwise directions. For now, go in the direction that you are most comfortable. Do the same thing with your right hand and right leg.

Note: As you are bringing the basketball through your legs from the back, drop it, quickly rotate your hand to the front and pick it up to continue the figure 8 drill.
Step 3:
Put the foundation to work. Now make a full figure 8. Start with right hand and leg, start by dribbling around the back of the right leg, as the ball moves towards the inside of your right leg, continue dribbling it towards the front of your left leg. Continue to dribble the basketball around towards the back of your left leg and then dribble it towards the front of the right leg.

You Did it! CONGRATULATIONS – you are now on your way to mastering the Figure 8 ball handling dribbling drill. This drill helped increase my ball control and hand quickness. Stay tuned next week for a 2nd version of the Figure 8


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