Basketball Stretches: Get Loose with Warm Up Exercises

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Basketball Warm Up Stretches

Written By: Lamar Hull @ Inspirational Basketball AND Google+

Do you stretch before you play basketball and after?

I remember when I could play basketball all day and not have to stretch. I didn’t really understand the importance of stretching until I started playing college basketball. I had to make sure my body was prepared to perform at a high level. I stayed injured the majority of my collegiate basketball career, probably because I never stretched growing up.

Stretching before physical activity has been a debate for years, however, many people believe that, stretching before a basketball game will warm up your muscles and prevent injuries. That’s why you see teams in every sport warming up before they actually play. In addition, stretching increases the flexibility of your muscles, so that you are much more quicker and have more stamina. Here are a few youth basketball stretches. Its is important to have players stretch their muscles 30 seconds to one minute per stretch, however some reports have shown that 15-30 total minutes dedicated to stretching is a sufficient amount of time to prepare your body for maximum performance. Stretching after you play is equally important, coaches should have players stretch after they play in-conjunction to cooling down. Think about it this way, stretching before you play helps performance and injury prevention. Stretching after you play helps with muscle fatigue. Lactic acid accumulates in your muscles resulting in soreness and fatigue. Stretching after you play helps increase recovery.

Shoulder Stretch

shoulder stretchesShoulders are important to the game of basketball, it would be wise to stretch them before you play.
One stretch that would work for youth basketball players is to have players grab there right elbow with their left hand and pull the right arm to the right side of his or her body. The exercise should be repeated with the other arm and elbow. Hold for 30 seconds.



Arm Circle Stretch

Arm circles are a popular among youth basketball stretches. He or she will work their shoulders before they play. The first thing that players should do is put their arms directly by their side. The next thing that the player will do is begin to move their arms in a circular motion and make bigger circles as they continue through the stretch. Count 10 circular motions counter clockwise and 10 circular motions clockwise.

Tricep Stretch

tricep stretchesTriceps are important to stretch because those muscles help you when you are dribbling like a whiz or shooting the basketball like Stephen Curry. This stretch is another one that is popular among youth basketball stretches. This stretch involves the player taking his hand and touching the top of his back, his or her elbow should make an upside down V shape. Take the other hand and pull the elbow inward. Hold for 30 seconds!

Hamstring Stretch

The hamstrings are located on the back of the upper leg.

One popular exercise involves sitting on the floor. The first thing the player should do is sit on the floor with one leg bent and the other one straight. The player should be in a position where they can bend forward and grab their toes. Switch legs and perform this same exercise. Hold for 30 seconds. This will also stretch your lower back.

In closing, stretching is a important but one should not over do it. Coaches should instruct players not to bounce during stretching, if this happens the player risk injuring a muscle. Another sign of overdoing it is if you feel pain in your muscles, this is not a good sign. Last but not least make sure your breathing is nice and slow, never hold your breath during stretching. In addition coaches should do their homework and find youth basketball stretches that are the best for their team. These basketball stretches are for kids and adults. Stretching is important before and after your players play, also have them warm-up by doing team layups, a light slide drill and etc. Find a basketball stretching routing so that you can avoid long and short term injuries.

Are there any basketball stretches that you would suggest before playing?

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