Who Will Win the NBA Championship in 2014?


Does The Miami Heat have What it Takes to 3-Peat?

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+

Miami Heat 3 Peat

Who will win the NBA Championship in 2014, is a great question. Pre-season just started and teams are already flexing their muscles. The certain fact for this year’s NBA season is that it will not be similar to the previous one. After all the changes that happened during the off-season, the balances in the league have drastically changed. Teams that were powerful lost quality while others that were mediocre up to now are entering the season as favorites to win the title. But who will win the Larry O’Brien trophy?

The Miami Heat certainly have the biggest odds. That’s because first of all, they do have the best basketball player in the world in their roster, LeBron James. As long as the King is healthy, Heat fans can be optimistic about a three-peat. After years of hate towards his face, LeBron has finally redeemed himself, as he carried the Heat in two consecutive titles.
Of course, the road won’t be easy for the Heat, as they will have to beat powerful teams both in the West and in the East. However, they do have the pieces to win it all, as long as they can at least retain their level of performance from the 2012-2013 season.

Apart from the Big Three, who of course will be the ones that make the Heat engine work smoothly, Miami still has some of the best role players in their roster. Sharpshooter Ray Allen is probably the most significant one. Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem and Mario Chalmers also provide vital help during some stretches of the game, each one on his turn. In fact, that might be the biggest weapon of this Heat team, the fact that it possesses too many weapons, so they always find a way to win. Not to mention, they picked up the 7 footer, Greg Oden who could be the big man that the Heat have been looking for, that’s if he can stay healthy. They also picked up Michael Beasley, who could provide some valuable minutes off the bench.

Greg Oden Miami Heat

Last season, the Heat ranked fifth in points per game with 102.9, second in three-point percentage with 39.6% and first in field goal percentage, with 49.6%. They were simply dominant and if they continue to perform that way, it will be really difficult for any opponent to stop them. The Heat will have to bend the resistance of powerful teams in the East, like the Indiana Pacers and the Brooklyn Nets. Both of those teams have drastically improved their roster quality during the summer. We can’t forget that D-Rose is back and supposedly has increased his vertical by 4 inches. Can’t wait to see if we will see the old D-Rose and how he will help improve Chicago’s chance in winning the East. In the West, the Houston Rockets stand the biggest odds to win the conference. Although it still remains to be seen how the team will blend together, the Rockets look like the most powerful ensemble at this moment of the pre-season. Houston showed promising signs even last season, before the addition of megastar Dwight Howard.

derrick rose 2013

Amazing and Big things happen in the NBA. The 2013-2014 season will definitely be an interesting one for any basketball and sports fan to watch. Young players can learn what team sports are all about watching the NBA. They can learn new moves from their favorite players that correspond to the position they play. But most importantly, they can learn that in order to be successful, hard work in combination with talent is needed. Inspirational Basketball takes pride any providing the best resources and information to help young ballers improve their game and think about what is necessary in that development.

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