Stephen Curry makes 77 3 pointers in a Row

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Curry’s 77 threes

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+

I know that Stephen Curry’s 77 3 pointers is an old topic, but he will never be forgotten for what he did in practice and what he continues to do on the court.

I was inspired yesterday by Eric Thomas, “The Hip Hop Preacher” and thought I should share my thoughts…

We all heard about how Stephen Curry made 77 3s in a row during practice. If you didn’t check out the video below! He finished shooting 94% from 3, making 94 out of 100.

Now, that’s AMAZING! These are not free throws or lay-ups either. The skinny kid from Charlotte, NC became a phenom at Davidson College, and is now dominating the NBA with sheer GREATNESS and is practically unguardable!

Most people will ask, how is he doing it?  

Video of Stephen Curry making 77 3 pointers in a row


Like all the people who become great at something, isn’t by luck, it takes A LOT of hard work and consistent practice! 

What Stephen did takes focus, sheer determination, hard work and excellence. These characteristics make up attributes that can achieve greatness if done long enough and the right way. It is difficult to imagine that anyone could make 77 3 pointers in a row. Well, we now know it is possible because Steph did it like clockwork.

Can you achieve this type of greatness in whatever you desire? The answer is YES!

Success is something that most of us desire to achieve in various areas of our life whether it is in education, career, family, business, etc. With this comes the responsibility of hard work, persistence, and discipline. The implication here is that success and progress in life does not come without having to work hard 365 days out of the year.

If we are honest with ourselves, most of us do not want to work hard every day to fulfill our dreams. Most people would rather obtain success without having to pay the price. This is because consistent hard work results in some level of pain which causes you to overstretch yourself. It takes discipline to fight through the struggles to eventually achieve success.

Stephen Curry’s 77 3 pointer story serves as a great encouragement to all who are willing to change their lives for the better and also those that are on the verge of giving up. It is impossible to foresee success at the end of a long road based on negative experiences or various challenges that one may come across along the way. 

Stephen Curry came in and saved his team when they were on the verge of losing to the Pelicans. When everyone else thought that the game was over, that is when he saved the day. Eric Thomas hit it on the head with his Steph Curry inspirational speech.

He mentioned that, “As he (Stephen Curry) closed his eyes, he imagined the shots made in practice and boom! He made the basket.” From this quote you get to understand the need to push through challenging situations in your life to achieve your goals. Check out Eric Thomas motivational speech by watching the video below! Get ready to be motivated.


Eric Thomas Motivational Speech – Stephen Curry Video


For Stephen Curry, the 77 shots he had made during practice is an excellent example of his driving force at this juncture, saving the game in the final minutes. It would have been easy for Steph and the Warriors to give up when they were down by 20, but they kept fighting and fighting and outlasted their competition and stole the game.

That’s what we have to do in life! Keep fighting until you achieve success! I remember people telling me that I was too small to play basketball and that I would never play professionally.

Being small was an obstacle for me, but that was my driving force to get better every chance that I got. That’s why I went outside everyday for 2-3 hours and worked on my game, which eventually resulted in me earning a professional basketball contract overseas in England.



We may all be in this situation at some point in our lives where salvaging the situation as it is appears impossible with failure or defeat being imminent. Discouragement is set to take a toll on you at that moment and the only easy way out is to give up.

If you really think about this epic story of Stephen Curry making 77 3 pointers in a row, this encouragement would be enough reason to renew your strength and keep going. For him, shot after shot, the basketball went in. That’s what it will take for you to succeed. Keep shooting!

If you haven’t heard of Eric Thomas, you need to listen to him for some motivation! I listen to him every morning and he helps me change my perspective about life and my future success. In 5 years, whatever I’m doing, I will have achieved GREATNESS! 

Eric Thomas quoted “get past your old you to get to your new you” which is super important in achieving success. They say old habits die hard and this can be backed by the aspect of doing the same thing, the same way, every other time while expecting different results. This is deep, make sure you get this! This is never possible and it has become the habit of many!

Change is inevitable for anyone looking to succeed. You might need to make several adjustments in your life with reference to your lifestyle, habits, friends, company and etc. which may be uncomfortable of course but this is nothing compared to the end result for which you would rather sacrifice for.

From this particular point of view, you get to realize that sometimes you have to be willing to give up something to achieve greatness. As much as we may admire those who have achieved greatness in life, we need to appreciate the process that gets them there which is the case of Stephen Curry’s 77 straight 3 pointers made in a row.

That’s why he is able to make a 3-pointer with his eyes close to win the game in a hostile environment. That’s why he is able to knock down shots game after game because he has put the hard work in!

This will give you the right perception concerning success and the tendency of complaints that run through your mind when you go through various challenges during the process.

As Eric Thomas would say, “Don’t Rush the Process, Trust the Process!”. Patience is of the essence in this case and you might want to go easy on yourself during the process because rome wasn’t built in a day.

rome wasnt built in one day



In this case study, Stephen Curry paints a clear picture of what it takes to achieve greatness through consistency. This is an important attribute to observe when on the path to success. You need to have the tenacity to rise up again and again, no matter the circumstance.

Eric Thomas makes this clear in a lot of his speeches because he was a high school dropout who became homeless. Now he will go down in history as one of the greatest motivational speakers ever because of his will to keep fighting for the success that he believes in.

As he concludes in the Stephen Curry video, Eric Thomas says, “You are not average.” You are also not defined by the perception others. This is HUGE for all of us, stop caring about what others think about you.

Grind more, care less! I embrace that! Finally, everyone can achieve success in life despite the challenges that you may face. Don’t waste another day not making yourself GREAT!




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