Lamar Hull’s Interview on EX&BC Sport’s Radio

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Lamar talks about Steph curry on EX&BC Sport’s Radio

Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+


So, I got the great opportunity to speak on the radio last night with Exavier Pope and Bryan Crawford who are radio hosts for the Chicago’s EX & BC Sport’s radio show on the Paid Sports Network. It was surprising how this opportunity came about, I emailed Exavier about a partnership and come to find out he is a radio sport’s host and law attorney in Chicago. Here is some background on Exavier Pope. Exavier is the head of operations of the Pope Law Firm. His law firm specializes in many things, but mostly they do trademark and copyright as well as contract negotiations. They also work with corporate, non-profit law and financing cases. Exavier has an impressive resume. He has some high profile connections which include Def Jam records, high profile sports figures and athletes. Not to mention high profile authors and modeling agencies.


Chicago’s Exavier Pope Sport’s Radio Host and Law Attorney

Exavier has also been a public figure both on and off the air. He has done interviews with people who are affiliated with the following programs; NBC, CBS and the Huffington Post. He has done various print ads and radio shows.

Another reason that he is one of the most sought after speakers is due in large part to his ranking with the fortune 500 companies. He has done motivational speaking to various executives all across the country. He does this to impart wisdom, to speak on how he became successful and how others can follow in his footsteps. He also gives motivational speeches to non-profit organizations and to graduating seniors at various colleges around the world. Exavier Pope’s success has become a staple in the business world and is because of this that many people come to him for advice.

In October 2010 he was recognized for his contribution to the business world. He was recognized by the Black and Entertainment Sports Lawyers as one of the top lawyers in the industry. And in 2013 he was honored at the University Illinois-Chicago for Business Administration, by getting a leadership award.

So, I was very honored to be the guest speaker on his Chicago sport’s radio show EX & BC. On the radio show we discussed a few topics. One discussion was about Dwight Howard signing to the Houston Rockets. Also, since I’m a former teammate of Stephen Curry, I provided my opinion on how Dwight would have helped the Golden State Warriors if he had signed with them. We discussed a few other relevant NBA and sport’s topics. If you would like to hear me on the EXnBC radio show listen here.

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