Knockout Basketball Shooting Game

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knockout basketball: How to play, video, and more

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  • Knockout is a fun basketball shooting game that can be played at all ages
  • This is a great basketball drill to help players improve their shot making ability in pressured situations
  • Continue to focus on the proper basketball fundamentals even when the game is sped up
  • This is a great drill to end practice with as kids think it is fun and they will be excited to compete against each other at the individual level
  • Beginners: Start closer to the basket so that the first few shots are easier to make
  • Advanced Players: Use other areas on the court, such as; 3-pointer at the top of the key, wing, elbow, corner, etc.

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Instruction (Rules of Knockout):

  • Players form a single file line of at least 3 players behind the free-throw line
  • The first two players in line have a basketball
  • The first player in line shoots the basketball
  • The second player in line shoots the basketball immediately after the first player shoots
  • Both players follow their shot
  • If they miss their shots, they rebound and keep shooting until they make the basket
  • Follow-up shots are typically lay-ups, but they can be taken from any spot on the court
  • It is simple, the first shooter must make his/her shot before the second shooter
  • If the first shooter makes his shot before the second shooter, he/she rebounds the basketball and passes the basketball to the third person in line
  • The third player tries to make his/her shot before the second player
  • If the second shooter makes his/her shot before the first shooter, the first shooter is out of the drill, hence the name knockout
  • If/when this happens, the basketballs are passed to the third and fourth players in line
  • This basketball shooting game continues until there is only one shooter remaining



How to Play Knockout Video Instruction


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