Basketball Training Equipment for Kids

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Basketball Training Equipment for Kids


Written By: Lamar Hull @ Google+


If your child wants to become a complete basketball player, they need to start training early. Early training is crucial to building strength, agility, and increasing performance. I’m a big believer of practice, practice, practice and if you can have some help along the way, then as a player utilize the resources around you. Now parents, let’s talk about some of the different products that will help your child train for basketball. There are lots of products on the market that will really help with your child’s development.

Personally, I may be a little bias on these products because I have used them and they have worked amazingly. However, the following products have been very highly rated and recommended as well. Also, there are tons of other basketball resources for players that will help them develop their skills. My goal is to provide you with the most inexpensive basketball training tools out there, so your child has the opportunity to utilize these great tools to improve their game at a young age.

The first product that I want to talk about is the Lifetime Hoop Shoot Basketball return, which is an inexpensive tool for basketball beginners. The basketball hoop return attaches onto the rim of the basketball hoop. It sends the ball right back to you so you don’t have to chase after the ball. It is a great tool for helping to develop a perfect shot without wasting energy. Some of the benefits of this product are: you can adjust the hoop for angled shots, it snaps right onto the rim, it is easy to attach,and it is made of tough plastic so it can withstand hard shots. The Hoop Chute was great for me at home on my outside goal. Especially, when I was shooting all by myself. A more advanced Hoop Chute that you will definitely need a gym for and a lot more cash is the basketball gun. The basketball shooting gun machine is AMAZING! You can place several basketballs in to the machine and pre-set the machine to shoot the basketballs out to you as you take jump shots. The basketball is almost like having a robot passing to you instead of a person. I would highly recommend that the player is well-advanced before utilizing the gun machine.

basketball shooting gun

The next product is a shooter training basketball. With the shooter training basketball, you know exactly where to put your hands when shooting the basketball. The basketball has a hand position guide so that you will learn how to develop the right form and hand placement when shooting the basketball. This type of basketball is a very inexpensive basketball tool.

A great way to learn about basketball is to learn through a book. I hope your child is a sponge to the game and loves to read as well. This will give him or her the opportunity to read about something that they are passionate about. There is a great book called, “Bball Basics for Kids: A Basketball Handbook”, by Bobby Kaplan. This is a great resource for kids who are starting to learn the fundamentals of basketball and are becoming passionate about it. Coach Kaplan has coached thousands of of youth basketball games, so I found this book delightful, not only from a player’s perspective but from a coach’s point-of-view as well.

This next product is for even real small kids. My daughter started playing basketball at 4, so to help build her confidence, I bought her a small hoop to play on at home. The Fisher-Price “I Can Play Basketball Hoop” is the perfect basketball hoop to start on. It grows with your toddler and child. It adjusts to four different height positions. It has a removable rim aid so you can increase the challenge of the basketball hoop. Any child is guaranteed to love this basketball hoop. It is also portable and can be easily transported to another location.

A great basketball aid for an older child would be basketball glasses or specs. This is my favorite basketball training equipment by far. I have given every kid that I have trained some basketball specs. By wearing the specs, it teaches a child how to dribble the basketball without looking down at the ground. This is very important skill to learn when learning how to play basketball. The specs make it so you can’t look down at the ground but they do not interfere with shooting. I use to dribble for hours outside with my dribbling specs on and it got to the point where I could make several dribbling combinations without looking at the ball. This made me so much more effective on the court as a point guard because I could control the court. I could make passes that others couldn’t see because they dribble with their head down. Practicing ball handling drills with the dribbling specs made me a confident ball-handler.

The last product that I want to talk about is the agility ladder. A kids agility ladder is great to build strength and coordination. A basketball agility ladder is great for footwork and quickness. Basketball isn’t just about shooting, dribbling and dunking. Kids have to understand at a young age that they need to have the agility and quickness in conjunction to their proper foot work to get off a tough shot. You always won’t have a clean look at the basket!

basketball agility ladder

There are so many basketball training resources out there for kids who love the game and I couldn’t list every single one in this one blog post, but if you have a recommendation that you want the youth basketball world to know about, please leave a comment or email Inspirational Basketball @!


Simple Basketball Agility Ladder Workout

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