20 Most Useful Youth Basketball Websites

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Top 20 Youth Basketball Websites for Players, Coaches and Parents


Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+


Players need online resources such as youth basketball websites to help them conquer their dreams of playing basketball at the next level. Everyday, young girls and boys go from playing basketball in the park to playing college or professional basketball. With persistence, dedication and the right training anyone has a shot of reaching such a goal. So, there are tons of youth basketball websites that are available to help young men and women to excel on the court.

Here is a list of the top 20 youth basketball websites. Utilize the youth basketball websites for different things; some of them are great resources for basketball drills to do on a daily basis, some are great for developing a better basketball IQ, some provide tips for youth basketball coaches and etc. If you seriously want to be a successful basketball player you will take the time to dive in to the youth basketball websites below.

When I was a little kid, I wished that I had these great resources at my disposal to reference and learn from to become a better basketball player. As a youngster, I had to depend on some of the creativity in my head to utilize basketball drills for my daily workout plan. Do you have what it takes? Do you have the hunger to go get it on your own? No one is in the gym but you! Read below to get some inspiration.

usba youth basketball 1) http://www.usab.com/youth/development.aspx
This youth basketball website is tagged as “The Official Youth Basketball Website of USA Basketball.” A comprehensive website that focuses on providing young athletes and the adults who support them with all the most up to date and essential basketball information available. This site wants to help players find their role and comfort zone on the basketball court. This is a user friendly website with featured attractive photos, interactive videos and fun easy to read informative articles.

youth basketball websites
2) http://inspirationalbasketball.com/
Lamar Hull offers his personal basketball experience and love for the game to help other players get their shot at playing basketball at the next level, whether that is making the varsity high school team, playing in college, playing in the NBA or professionally overseas. Lamar provides his basketball success story of starting with an idea, building a passion for it, playing college basketball and then professionally. His article on Professional Basketball is well written and informative. On the home page it is obvious that education is as important for any athlete as knowing the rules of the game. Lamar preaches that academic and athletic success are in conjunction with each other. Inspirational Basketball provides college and professional tips to players, parents and coaches.


Lamar Hull’s Inspirational Highlight Video
youth basketball websites3) http://avcssbasketball.com/
This website is apparently aimed at coaches, the articles have valuable data for anyone interested in the game. It is a basic basketball website and offers several links and pages full of information about coaching youth basketball. As with most of these websites it includes a basketball store where browsers can buy items in the hopes of improving their game.

aau girls youth basketball websites4) http://aaugirlsbasketball.org/
The Amateur Athletic Union is a place for aspiring young athletes to start to learn what it means to be a part of a large team and to really put the work in, both putting their time and money into the goal of promoting their sport and helping to teach a lifelong lesson of giving back and being part of an organization that is bigger than one’s self. Membership to this union also offers insurance to players, offering a reality check that injuries are a part of the game.

youth basketball websites5) http:www.coachesclipboard.net/
This youth basketball website is aimed mainly at coaches and players. This website actually has better quality articles, but the information is similar to the content found on avcssbasketball.com (#3 on this list). It is an excellent resource for those interested in coaching and the athleticism of the game. This website is great for players who need to learn how to be a basketball leader, a better player, drills to utilize in practice and more.

youth basketball websites6) http://basketballcoach.ca/ Like Inspirational Basketball, the #2 youth basketball website on this list, this website has articles that include insights from actual players. It is a great resource for young players and has information not available on other sites. It appears that actual coaches may have also contributed to some of the articles. It is a dynamic website and has useful information and photos. The articles are entertaining and are in the voice of true athletes and coaches. This website also does a great job at providing real life basketball tips, for example, how to play college basketball.

youth basketball websites7) http://www.youth-basketball-camps.com/ A list of youth basketball camps around the nation and the world. This website also includes a list of camps affiliated with NBA players.


youth basketball websites online drills8) http://www.online-basketball-drills.com An up-to-date website with articles that focuses on basketball drills, this highly specialized website, with excellent photos and information may be helpful to the individual player or coaches of a team. This website has tons of basketball drills and resources.

youth basketball websites 9) http://www.breakthroughbasketball.com
This youth basketball website offers photos and easy to read basketball articles that this website provides is a great first stop for student athletes and their parents. This websites also offers basketball products for interested buyers.

youth basketball websites10) http:www.basketballcoaching101.com
Another website devoted to a single aspect of the sport. Coaching basketball is as important part of any basketball game and this website aims to provide information to help beginner coaches have successful basketball seasons and careers.

youth basketball websites11) http://www.coachlikeapro.com
Another youth basketball website aimed at coaches or people considering coaching. It has basic information and photos that may be of interest to anyone with a serious goal of putting the sweat into his or her game. This website provides real coaching experiences to help other coaches become successful.

youth basketball websites aau12) http://www.aauboysbasketball.org/
For young players, this is a greatest youth basketball website for players that are looking to live the dream and playing the game at the next level. This website is a glimpse into the world that young players are working toward. This website provides national AAU basketball news and league schedules. If you are a AAU team look for leagues to join, this is a great resource. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of AAU basketball.

nba ny knicks youth basketball websites13) http.//www.nba.com
This is a website that allows young athletes to see professional players online and to get more information about the organization they are sweating and working to gain association with as a professional player. The New York Knicks has a youth basketball community associated with nba.com and is a great resource for youth basketball in the communities and provides great instructional videos.

youth basketball websites14) http://www.momsteam.com
For most kids mom and dad are their first fans. This website shoots and scores in keeping parents informed on the game and resources available for their young players to keep them safe and healthy.

youth basketball websites15) http://espnwwos.disney.go.com
Basketball is played all over the world, not just in the USA. This website gives young athletes a lesson in the vastness of the game they play. ESPN is a trusted resource for sports fans, young and old alike.

prepared coach youth basketball websites16) http://www.youthbasketballpracticeplans.com/
Michael O’Halloran’s helps connect youth basketball coaches with products and tips to make their jobs much more rewarding. This youth basketball website provides parents with the tools to be great coaches and helps coaches understand the game by providing practice plans.

youth basketball websites17) http://www.sportsfeelgoodstories.com
More positive basketball articles by Michael O’Halloran who is the founder of this website. This website was ranked as one of the Top 10 Youth Sport’s Blogs by Blogs.com. Very similar to Inspirational Basketball, this website looks to provide inspirational sport’s stories that will entertain and inspire others across the world.

aca hoops youth baskeball websites18) http://www.acahoops.com
This website provides a list of tournaments and team schedules. A young athlete will benefit from watching others play the game as well as playing as much as possible. This website is a resource for amateur basketball organizations. This website does a great job at sharing schedules and information for basketball tournaments, traveling team links, camps, basketball leagues and clinics across the world.

inside hoops youth basketball websites19) http://www.insidehoops.com/
A website seemingly dedicated to basketball inside details and possibly good motivator for young student athletes who wonder if all the sweat and work is worth the long shot. This website is a good basketball resource for high school, college and NBA news. This is always good to see what is going on in the world of basketball so other players can relate.

team snap youth basketball websites20) http://www.teamsnap.com/
Team Snap is a great resource that will help basketball leagues, camps and clinics manage, coach and organize team sports. Team Snap offers software that helps make organizing a league much simpler and hassle free. There are 5,000,000 people who use Team Snap to help with organizing sporting events, this website is great for coaches. This website also has a blog that provides great tips for coaches, parents and players, for example, how parents can encourage their child in youth sports.

So, here are the top 20 youth basketball websites at the tip of your fingers. Always remember, to be a successful basketball player a person has to grab the ball and practice as much as possible. Go play! If you think another youth basketball website should be added to this list, please comment or email me at inspirationalbasketball20@gmail.com.


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