10 Most Unbelievable Basketball Stories

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Top 10 Basketball Success Stories Known to Man


Written By Lamar Hull @ Google+

top 10 basketball storiesI had a tough time thinking about this because there are so many memorable basketball stories in basketball history. Noting the 10 most unbelievable moments in basketball history including NBA, NCAA, and Olympic history is difficult and up to much debate. There is no easy way to define the 10 most unbelievable moments in basketball history and we will use no preset criteria to do so. We will simply list out our top moments and leave the debate up to you.

1) Allen Houston’s Shot – The Knicks’ franchise was much in disarray in 2000 embroiled in years of misery since the trade of Patrick Ewing. Allen Houston hits a last second three pointer bringing the Knicks into the finals for the first time since 1994. While they would later be swept by the San Antonio Spurs, the moment was unbelievable at the time and helped to revitalize basketball in New York.

2) Detroit Ousting the Lakers – Detroit came into the finals emphasizing a brand of team play that was not all that common in the superstar error of NBA basketball. The Lakers with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol were heavy favorites. A grinding series ended with Detroit coming out on top. Unbelievable teamwork made the day.

3) Jordan’s Three-Peats – While Jordan was already a legend nothing expresses your legacy like a three peat championship. Jordan accomplished it. Twice!

4) Fab Five Final Four – When the Fab Five Wolverines team hit the stage in the early 90’s it was quite a revelation in the basketball world. No longer would short tight pants be the dominant style. Now long baggy basketball pants would revolutionize the look of basketball. The style of the game changed with the Fab Five.

fab five

Michigan’s Fab Five

5) The Dream Team – The International game was never the same after the first dream team came on the scene. While the games weren’t anywhere near competitive, the assortment of stars playing together truly revolutionized the game.

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6) Jordan’s 55 Point Game Versus the Knicks – When Michael Jordan returned from retirement he was clearly not himself. After a few games back he dropped 55 on the Knicks at the Garden cementing his legacy.

7) America’s Loss to Russia – The Olympics was owned by the United States even before the dream team. Its first loss came about in the 1972 Olympics when, due to some questionable penalties, the USA team was beaten by Russia. The final moments are unforgettable. You can watch here.

8) The Shot – Christian Laettner receives the ball with seconds to go, fakes in one direction, turns to the other, and nails a shot from the top of the key with two seconds left. One shot and Duke propels themselves to a championship. Watch the clip here.

9) Malice at the Palace – Ron Artest will ever be remembered for the outbreak of violence that occurred when he burst into the stands after being hit with a drink thrown by a fan. This all occurred after a fight with the Pistons. The threat of violence that was present in Detroit and the tension in the stands makes this one of the most unbelievable moments in NBA history.

10) Magic Johnson’s Retirement – When Magic Johnson announced his retirement due to an HIV test he made an announcement to the world. This was truly an unbelievable moment and brought HIV into the mainstream news thereby educating a nation.

There it is. What do you think the ten most unbelievable moments in basketball history are? What makes your list and how would you change our rankings? There are so many basketball stories, there are tons that didn’t make this list.



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